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  • By Sparkles of Love
  • 18 Apr, 2016
"Greetings Beloveds, we are The First Light.

In these recent and coming days there is significant shifting of your Earth's core and energy.  Weather patterns are shifting and what you call traumatic events are taking place.

We gently remind you not to go into your fear.   In fact, we invite you to do the opposite and go deeper into the vibrations of Love and Peace.

Mother Earth, her people and her kingdoms will benefit from your focus of love and peace.  It is a time of change and you know this.  You agreed to be part of the force of change.  In this moment and the coming days and weeks, it is your job to assist the energetic shifts by simply  adding Love.

Send peaceful, loving thoughts and energy to the places and people on Earth who need this, now.  Do not judge others and their reactions; simply hold the focus of Love and Peace in your heart.

Honour your right to free will and choice while honouring this in others.  It is not your responsibility to save anyone.  It is your responsibility to raise your own vibration, to release false beliefs and patterns, to clear old cords and attachments and to release anger and hatred...

Many of you often ask, "What is the purpose of my life?"  We tell you that in these moments the purpose of your life, and those of the awakened ones, is to hold the Love vibration, to stay in your heart, to encourage others, to remove fear and let the Light shine!

Legions of Light Beings are present now, supporting the changes and great awakening in more ways than you can possibly imagine.  As the storm passes, all life on Earth will take on new meaning, new focus and new energy.  Hold the Love.  Keep your heart open.  Be a beacon of Light for all to find safe haven in the storm.

We are The First Light."

Message channelled Monday, April 18th, 2016 by Ana-La-Rai

Sparkles Today

By Sparkles of Love 01 Aug, 2017
During a recent channeling with Lady Venus Lovestar she shared much information about the Alchemy of Love. She had me look up a definition of alchemy and she selected one for our understanding today. I was also guided to find out who was the originator of the consciousness scale  (I have heard it called the "love or above" scale).

The definition of alchemy that Lady Venus Lovestar selected is  " a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination."     

What is the Alchemy of Love? First we begin by understanding the various levels of Consciousness, as described by Dr. David R. Hawkins. Here is the link to an in-depth article about the consciousness scale: .

A simplified explanation is that each emotion has a vibration to it. Dr. Hawkins created a scale of 0-1000. Emotions like shame, guilt, fear, envy, grief, apathy and anger all have low scores or low vibrations. Emotions of love, joy and peace are all higher scoring, 500 or more, and all have high vibrations. The Alchemy of Love takes place once you begin to vibrate regularly at 500 or above.

"Beloved Ones, I am Lady Venus Lovestar and it is my pleasure to be connecting with you. I wish to share with you more about the Alchemy of Love and how it can assist you in changing your own lives. One of the challenges of separation and duality that is faced upon your planet is that you often get stuck in a lower density or energy. As old belief systems or wounds come up you are triggered, your vibration drops and some begin to spin out, tumbling further down the vibrational hole, so to speak. Many on your planet are most familiar with the vibrations on the lower end of the consciousness scale. They are familiar with shame, sadness, anger, apathy, guilt, remorse and more.  The longer they have experienced these lower emotions in their life, the more familiar these are. They may not like the emotions and wish to shift, but they are familiar.  

When you are surviving in these lower densities you often attract more of the same densities and energies. This downward spiral can continue, making life more difficult each day. After a period of time of not shifting out of these energies, feelings of hopelessness, despair, abandonment and more slip in. And the downward spiral continues. In these vibrations it is very difficult to manifest, to create, to get beyond survival mode.

For many on Earth they have forgotten their natural state of being. They have forgotten they are creator beings. They have forgotten the natural states of peace, joy and love. When you are in these states, again, all above the 500 mark on the consciousness scale, manifesting, creating and more are so much easier as you are in the flow of all that is.

Even when individuals experience moments or hours or days of love or joy or peace, they often return to the lower vibrations because to them these higher vibrations are NOT familiar, they feel odd and possibly uncomfortable. They can bring up feelings of unworthiness or of being undeserving.

The Alchemy of Love is about remembering your natural state, about returning to the higher vibrations to change your life and to live from these higher vibrations. Of course, all of you experience drops in vibrations, triggers, tragedies, difficulties and challenges.    Mastery comes from being able to raise your vibration again to love or above (500 or more on the consciousness scale).

Beloveds, a good indicator is always your physical body. Imagine for a moment when you felt really happy or peaceful, filled with love. Close your eyes and remember this, experience it again, feel how it was in your body.

Now close your eyes and remember and feel a very difficult situation, loss of someone dear, pain or something else. How did this feel in your body? Can you feel the difference?

Some of you who are very vibrationally attuned know immediately when your vibration drops, but we would say those are primarily the ones who live in the "higher scores" of the consciousness scale, the more awakened ones.

As you begin to spend more time living in love or above, you are more in the flow. You have greater access to information, ideas, creativity and energies. You are less often "stuck". Life takes on a much more positive focus and the spiral goes upward instead of downward. This is the Alchemy of Love.

Now I wish to be very clear here, Beloved Ones, we are NOT saying that you should not experience all of your emotions -- the ones you judge as either good or bad, the low or the high, the dense or the light. What we are saying is that you have forgotten that your normal state is love or above and we want to remind you to return to this state rather than stay stuck longer than you need. We want you to feel uncomfortable in these low vibrations so you know you are out of your natural state. We want you to shift and clear the energies, wounds and beliefs around these lower vibrational states. We want you to remember who you really are . . . a magnificent creator being of love and light and Source energy!"

Lady Venus Lovestar asked that I share below some of her suggestions from the channeling.  So how do you begin to experience love or above more often? The first step is to recognize where/when/what situations you are holding the highest energies or feel the most peaceful as well as when you feel the lowest.

*Are there places on Earth for you that you feel more yourself? Is it at a beach or a mountain or somewhere else?     Is it simply a patch of grass where you can stand and connect with Mother Earth?
*Where are you when your vibration drops? Is it when you go to work? Is it in a certain part of a city? Is it a specific room in your house?
*What songs or music make you feel better? What songs make you cry?
*What activities do you feel your heart open and your energies shift upwards?
(For our Beloved Ana-La-Rai whale watching will always do this for her!)
*What activities drain you and leave you feeling blue?
*Are there scents or smells that bring a smile to your face, bring you back to a good memory and energy?
*Is there a movie that makes you laugh and lifts your spirits? Does watching the news uplift or take your vibration down?
*Are there people in your life that you feel lighter and happier after you connect together? Are there those who drain you,
 leaving you feeling tired?
*Are there colours which assist you in shifting your vibration? Books? Foods? Games?

"Beloved Ones, once you begin to observe and evaluate your own energies and how outside influences affect you, it is easier to make different choices. Bring more situations, people, places and experiences into your daily life which elevate your vibration. Begin to release situations, people, places and experiences which lower your vibration. Begin to honour yourself and choose what helps you to remember and achieve your natural state of being . . . love, peace and joy.  Practise every day experiencing these higher states of consciousness so they become more familiar to you.  Each time you experience the higher states, the easier it becomes to return to these states.   Practise feeling happiness and move it upwards to joy. You can also do this vibrationally by bringing in the love and light from Source energy; but we want you to also have "3D" experiences more often that assist you in the remembering of you.

We are trying to have you and your physical body remember. If it helps, tap or anchor the feelings when you are in a higher state of consciousness. When you are experiencing love or above, stop and hold the memory.  Feel it, hear it, smell it, taste it, visualize the situation; experience it on all levels.

As you begin to understand this Alchemy of Love and work with it, your vibration will change more easily and even when a challenge appears you will be able to shift it more easily.

I also share with you, Beloved Ones, that the energies of Source coming onto your planet now are making this process easier for you. Higher and higher frequencies are flooding the planet regularly and the veils between us continue to dissolve.  This also means that all you have left unresolved is coming to the surface to be shifted. Use the Alchemy of Love to return to the natural state of you and then share these vibrations, these processes and your energies with others.

It is all changing, Beloved Ones. Soon you will look back and laugh at all that you have forgotten. Soon you will wonder how you struggled. Soon you will remember your own magnificence!

I am Lady Venus Lovestar
Channelled July 30, 2017 through Ana-La-Rai

By Sparkles of Love 14 Jul, 2017
Beloved Ones, We are First Light.    We wish to share with you that on the July 2017 full moon another layer of what you call "veils" (energy fields) began to dissolve around your planet.  This is something we would rarely share but in these changing times of accelerated opportunities and growth, we feel it is important for you to have a greater understanding.

You have heard from many others of the coming changes for your planet.  You have heard of Ascension, New Earth, the Great Awakening and many more names that all refer to the vibrational shift that is upon you.  There are those who predict what will happen and when. These "predictions" can give way to great hope and deep fear for many.  BUT this is what they are, predictions.  Remember, with every choice humanity makes both as individuals and as a collective,  EVERYTHING changes!    So we would say it is impossible to predict when all the shifts will occur, when the ascension will be completed or what it even looks like...

As the changes and shifts actually occur, we are happy to give you some details and information to assist you on a personal level.
During the days of the July 2017 full moon, another layer of veil has dissolved.  This has taken a few days to complete but we suspect many of you have been feeling the effects.    Let's share first what happens when the veils begin to dissolve:

1.  Imagine you are shedding a layer of winter clothes...   You have put on a heavy coat to go outside in the cold temperatures and because you are so bundled by layers of clothes, you feel warm outside, even in the low temperatures.   You are only experiencing the cold a little bit, maybe in your hands or feet or ears or face.    Now, imagine as you  step outside in the same cold temperatures you are without the coat or layers of winter clothes.    You experience the low temperatures right away, all over your body, and far more intensely.        This is what is happening to all on your planet as a layer of veil dissolves, you are feeling much more, all over, and much faster.    

2.  Your whole body is now receiving higher frequencies of light and love than ever before.  The physical body needs to adjust.  Some of what you may experience include the following:
  • Waves of tiredness, possibly even extreme tiredness
  • Irritation, for no reason or intense irritation when triggered
  • Changes in your sleep patterns
  • Changes in the food you wish to eat, and the amounts you wish to eat  (both more food and less food)
  • Subtle changes in channeling for those of you who are channels
  • More power in your healing abilities
  • Feeling more "stirred up" with intermittent bouts of deep peace and contentment
  • Old patterns and beliefs and wounds arise and dissolve (as long as you are not wanting to hang on to them!)
  • More clarity of information from your Guides and Higher Self   (not really more clarity, you just perceive it more clearly!) 

3.  As you open to receiving more intensity of light, energy, sound and colour  you may also experience a deep desire for making significant changes in your life, soon.   Some of these might be:
  • Leaving or changing your employment or work
  • Moving to a new location, house, city or even country
  • Releasing old items from your home and space which you no longer need  (decluttering)
  • Connecting more with nature
  • Releasing of friends and/or clients who are toxic or no longer a vibrational match for you
  • Going back to school or taking on a new learning
  • Dissolving romantic relationships that no longer work

In all of these changes it is VERY important for you to be aware of your own energies, words, thoughts and actions.   It is VITAL to take care of yourself, your spirit, your physical body and your emotional body.  Do not allow yourself to get overwhelmed or over-booked!   Allow time in your schedule for peace, quiet and reflection.  Allow time for extra sleep or napping.  Connect with like-minded friends and share your experiences and support.  Be keenly aware of who you spend your free time with, ensuring these people are the best for you.    Get out in nature as often as possible and connect directly with Mother Gaia and the earth below your feet.   Be patient with yourself and others.    You and all of your bodies need time to adjust to this change, to this flood of energy being received.   Surrender.  Allow.  Be.

Of course we realize all of this is quite exciting for you, as it signifies that the changes are truly happening now.  So much like the anticipation and birth of a new baby, you can choose to see this all as difficult and painful or choose to see it simply as one more step closer to something miraculous!   The changes will continue and we hope you will choose to experience them with as much grace and ease as possible.

We are First Light
Channelled by Ana-La-Rai July 12, 2017

By Sparkles of Love 16 Jun, 2017
During my recent trip (May/June 2017) to Europe I felt myself processing deeply. In a new environment and away from my daily responsibilities, I was being triggered by a variety of new experiences.   Luckily I see triggers as a gift, a sign to let me know there is something blocking me, something old to let go of, a wound of sorts.    As I delved into each of these, more would come up to be released.   I was deeply grateful that everything that was leaving was doing so rather quickly and gracefully (for the most part, LOL!).  Some of the triggers were new to me, things I had not realized in my everyday life. Some were old ones I thought I had shifted.     So as I had 2 weeks of quiet days I got to observe, feel, experience and release much of the old.   I had brought along a great deal of paperwork to do, website updates, accounting, etc., all things more challenging to do between client appointments. I had assumed these 2 weeks were the perfect time to "catch up" on these tasks. Well, the Universe and my Higher Self had another idea!

At the end of the two weeks we were driving to Italy for my weekend workshop and private appointments. I sat in the car, filled with sadness and grief.   I knew in that moment that I could easily leave the planet and return "home" to Source. I said out loud, "I feel like I could die right now." The silence echoed through both my Beingness and the car until a hand reached out to connect with me.   Watching and feeling the emotions of grief, suicide, death, sadness and more sadness move through me was challenging.   I knew it was old as in my current "3D" life I am happier, healthier and more content than I have ever been!   Right now I have so very much to live for, to experience and to contribute.   So I asked what was happening to me and I heard inside my heart "the old you is dying".   I was told there was much to release and the intention was for it to be completed in 10 days before I stepped back on a plane to return to Canada.   At the time they did not tell me this was so I could begin the next layer of death!

I must say I was surprised.   I have been on my conscious journey for over 15 years now and done lots and lots of very deep work on myself and with the help of other teachers, healers and friends.   I was not surprised I had more to release, trust me!   I was surprised by calling it a death and all this meant.   To me death is the ultimate "letting go".    So my death would not be my physical death but rather the death of everything else within me.   Old thoughts, old beliefs, old wounds, old energies and more.    AND all of this was going to happen as I lead a 3-day workshop and then did a few days of private sessions with clients! Really? What were my Guides thinking? LOL!

I must say how blessed I feel as I was able to move through these 10 days as if all was "normal".    I was tired, very tired, but if they had not spoken to me about what was happening, I do not know that I would have realized the depth of it all.   Of course, without the support of the loving beings around me at the time it would not have been possible.  

As I arrive home to Canada, I have spent my first 10 days at home processing more.   I have lain on my couch, allowing and hanging out in my garden. I am grateful for the support people around me as they have all assisted me as more releases.    I know I am coming to the very core old beliefs I have held for lifetimes.   Some of these I have know consciously but others were unknown to me. Beliefs such as I am alone, no one will love all of me, I must give to receive, fear of living (not dying), fear of failure and more.

What does life look like after this next stage of releasing completes? Who am I?   What steps do I want to make in this world?   How do I best assist the transition we are all going through right now? How do I really want to spend my time and are all the little "life" tasks really important or do I do them out of habit? How do I be the very best ME? How do I focus on living and being in the present moment when I have always been a "planner"? How do I open my heart and love with all of my being without expectations? How do I honour myself, my contracts, my divine service, my friends, my clients and my love?

I do not know where my death will take me but I do know it is place, a time, a space and a vibration that my heart yearns to be.

For those of you also experiencing your own deaths, please be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself the time to process. Drink lots of water and try to eat as healthily as possible. Be in nature and get lots of sleep and epsom salt baths.   Get a massage, work with a healer and listen to your Higher Self and Guides. Write in your journal.   Most importantly, breathe! 

Know all of this is a process that will fill you with more Light and bring you into the beauty and fullness of You on the other end.


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