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2018 Inspirational Calendars

This is the 5th year I have been guided to create an inspirational calendar.   I take all the photos and then pick from thousands with the help of my Guides.  
Next we place by month and then I channel the inspirational messages for each month and photo.  
Statutory holidays of Canada and United States are in the calendar, along with the full moon dates.
The paper is a heavy card stock and easy to write within the squares.
The photos below are just to give you an idea of the pictures and words, and do not reflect the beautiful quality of the calendar.

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Conscious Union Workshop
November 25-26th

 Do you desire to deepen your connection with your Beloved?  

With the new & unparalleled energies available now, we each have a great opportunity to move our heart connections to these higher levels.
In this 2 half days workshop, return to the love, respect & admiration you have for your partner through a series of guided exercises, 
channelled from Lord Sananda and Lady Nada.

As you find the words & feelings of love you share, you go deeper into the experience of each other. A renewed connection of love grows, as your hearts entwine and soar.

This workshop is aimed at couples, who are both willing to go deeper into their relationship.  This first part focuses on stronger connection, communication and energetics.  In 2018 we intend to offer parts 2 and 3 of Conscious Union, which goes much deeper into the energetics of the union.

Join Christian and I as we lead you through an experiential day to open your hearts further to each other and your relationship, adding a new energetic component.
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