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2018  Alchemy Collective Gatherings

The Alchemy Mexico Gathering
April 7-14th, 2018
Mar de Jade Resort, Chacala Bay, Mexico

The Alchemy Vancouver Island Gathering
October 8-14th, 2018
Dolphins Resort, Campbell River, BC, Canada

Love & Light Session

Are you ready to shift without an agenda? Are you willing and able to let come forth what is for your highest good at this moment? 
 This session is a combination of channelling with your Guides, Q&A,  as well an energetic healing. The sessions generally run 60 minutes.  

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One-on-One Retreat

This is an intensive 2.5-3 days with all the attention and focus on YOU and your growth. The one-on-one retreat is spent in a private setting, without distractions. The time will be spent with any combination of the following: Soul Reading, a Love & Light session, karma release, activations, brain re-patterning, integration, guided meditations, time in nature, Q&A, and anything else brought forth by the Guides and Ascended Masters overlighting the retreat. 


Intuitive Life Coaching Package

Are you wanting to transform your life to live abundantly, in joy and health?    Do you want to improve your finances, your love life, your health, your relationships, your job or more?
Join me for 3 months as we work in-depth to shift your subconscious programming that is limiting your life.
Each package includes 3 private sessions per month, a group class, 12 hours of recordings (Messages from The Enlightened Ones) and 1 emergency call of up to 15 minutes, plus 2 bonuses.

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Messages from 
The Enlightened Ones

Messages from The Enlightened Ones is a new series of live channelled sessions with various Ascended Masters and Light Beings. Each series is 12 sessions, offering different topics, energies and Beings of Light "presenting". 
 Join us on the live call or purchase the recordings. 

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Experience The Alchemy

I am the "Voice" for The Alchemy Collective Consciousness. They are a group of Light Beings from across the Cosmos who come at the time of transition for a planet and a people. 
They offer 2 free bi-monthly calls, where all work in group consciousness in alignment with the Divine Plan for the Ascension. 

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Soul Readings

Do you need some direction for your life?  Do you have questions about your past or future?
Join me and your Guides as we share information to assist you along your journey.
You are welcome to ask questions and record the session.
Sessions are either 60 or 90 minutes in length. 
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Allow me to help you create the life you really want!

I AM Ana-La-Rai

I am a Universal Channel, Teacher, Love & Light Worker, 
Energy Shifter (Healer) and member of 
the First Wave Transition Team for Planet Earth. 
 My destiny is to assist individuals and groups both in preparation and 
co-creation of the transition to the new vibrations, new energies 
and New Earth.   
My focus with clients is to be an Agent of Change, assisting them to improve, enhance, enrich and enlighten their lives.

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Live in the Light of your Heart & the Love 
of your Soul!
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