Up & Coming

Join me at the following 2017 spiritual events or radio shows!

Monday, July 31st
11am - 12:30pm PST

2.The Greatest You Teleseminar
Thursday, August 3rd
5pm-7pm PST

3.  Live Channelled Weekend Workshop 
 with Jeffrey Wium
September 1-2-3rd
St. Lorenzen, Italy

4.  The Alchemy Italy Gathering
September 6-10th
St. Lorenzen, Italy

5. Conscious Union Workshop for Couples
Saturday, September 23rd
Munich, Germany

Message me for more details on any event.

2017 Full Moon Meditations

Full moon meditations will be held at 6:30pm PDT
Monday, August 7th
Tuesday, September 5th   (note: time will be 10am PST as I am in Italy)
Thursday, October 5th
Friday, November 3rd
Sunday, December 3rd

Group Healings with Archangel Raphael,  Dr. Lorphan and Guests

Join AA Raphael & Dr. Lorphan (head of the galactic healers) in these 45-60 minutes group healing sessions.    
Each session will begin with some instruction or process from either Dr. Lorphan or AA Raphael. 
 The participants will then form a group heart to consciously add their love & power to the self healings.
AA Raphael and Dr. Lorphan will assist individuals and the group with their energy and healings.
In some sessions, another Being of Light may join to assist.  
 The Divine Mother, St. Germain, Quan Yin 
and Lady Venus Lovestar have all joined previous sessions.

Note: A good part of the time will be spent in silence, working on yourself under the guidance of these Healers.
These sessions are NOT recorded at the request of Dr. Lorphan and AA Raphael.

Up & Coming Sessions

Wednesday, August 2nd       10am  PST 

Note: Most morning sessions will be in 
English & German

$15 per person
Purchase Group Healing

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