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Conscious Union Workshop
Munich, Germany
September 23rd

 Do you desire to deepen your connection with your Beloved?  

With the new & unparalleled energies available now, we each have a great opportunity to move our heart connections to these higher levels.
In this day long workshop, return to the love, respect & admiration you have for your partner through a series of guided exercises, 
channelled from Lord Sananda and Lady Nada.
As you find the words & feelings of love you share, you go deeper into the experience of each other. A renewed connection of love grows, as your hearts entwine and soar.

This workshop is aimed at couples, who are both willing to go deeper into their relationship.
At a future date, Conscious Union workshops will be offered for pairs and groups of people not in romantic relationships.

Join Christian and I as we lead you through an experiential day to open your hearts further to each other and your relationship, adding a new energetic component.
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Messages from The Enlightened Ones
Series #5

Messages from The Enlightened Ones is a live channeled series, with the newest information, processes and vibrations available.
Series #5 will be held on Thursdays at 9:30am Pacific time
(unless otherwise noted)

1.  Lord Melchizedek
2.  Lady Sa ma Tru
3.  The Timmers
4.  El Tara
5.  The Essene
6.   Moo Rah
7.   Lady Laticia
8.   Helios and Vesta
9.   Archangel Sandalphon
10. Arcturis
11. The Consciousness of Divine Feminine
12. Lady Venus Lovestar

1. Opening to Oneness
2. Aligning with your Higher Purpose
3. Advancing the Self
4. Codes of Creation
5. Christ Consciousness Today
6. The Crystals of Atlantis
7. The Power of Silence
8. Let Their be Light!
9. Angels Among You
10. Astral Travel in 2017
11. Return to Power
12. The Alchemy of Love

New Process for Releasing Past Life Energetic Residue
(Karma Clearing)

During November 2016 a new process was downloaded for releasing past life energetic residues  (previously known as Karma Clearing).   This guided process is approximately 40 minutes in length and can be used many times.    After you have done 3 sessions, in the requested timeframe, then you can move to daily sessions if you wish.
This process is quite strong and it is suggested you do this in a relaxed state.
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