Channelled Messages

  • Remember you are Magnificent!

    Remember, You are Magnificent!

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    Remember, You are Divine!

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    Remember, You are Awesome!

I AM a Universal Channel. 
 What this means is that I bring forth the messages, both in words and vibration, from many different beings of Light of the 7th dimension or higher.   For many years I have channelled Ascended Masters, Galactic Beings and those of the Angelic realms. 
 In January 2013 when The Alchemy Collective Consciousness came through, it was the first time I had channelled a Collective. 
 In 2015, many more Collectives are wanting to come through me with messages. I have worked with The Red Ray Collective, the Keepers of Time have spoken on occasion, as well as the Arcturians and the Timmers. 
 In my series, Messages from The Enlightened Ones, other Collectives are also coming forth. 

Complimentary Meditations 

Listen to Star Dolphin
In April 2014 Lenduce, Star Dolphin, took me on a guided meditation and asked me to share with others....

Listen to Blue Moon
Blue Moon meditation from July 31, 2015 with 
Lord Melchezidek. 

Listen to Divine Nurturing of Self
In March 2017 this 45 minute meditation came through.  It is very soothing and assists you in feeling peaceful.  You may listen as often as you wish.
Listen to 2015 Winter Solstice
Join The Alchemy Collective Consciousness 
on this  Solstice journey.

Meditations for purchase

Red Ray Infusion
June 1, 2015 The Collective of the Red Ray came through to The Alchemy Ground Crew and asked we record this meditation.   It is an infusion of the red ray to assist each of us as we move towards the transition.
Note:   It is only to be used once per week.
Price is $5.00
January 2016 Full Moon
On Saturday, January 23rd Mother Mary & her son, Lord Sananda (Christ) came through for the guided full moon.  Mother Mary invites the Divine Mothers to fill you with the vibration & experience of Love.   Then Lord Sananda comes forth and fills you with the vibrations of peace.  This is a very experiential hour long meditation.
Price is $11.00
February 2016 Full Moon
Merlin, Magician and Enlightened One, continues his session from the morning Messages of the Enlightened Ones, on utilizing the Power of Magic.   In the full moon that evening, he charges one crystal for each attendee  (have a crystal with you that will be charged) and then teaches how to use the crystal, answers questions and more!
This session is approximately 1 hour in length.
Price is $11.00

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