Messages from The Enlightened Ones

In March 2015 my Guides came through and suggested a series of live channelled sessions with various Ascended Masters. 
 When I sat in meditation to consider this more fully, a "line-up" of Ascended Masters, Beings of Lights, Angelics and Galactics showed up! They all wished to be part of the Series, bringing through me new messages for humanity. In that single meditation, 24 presented themselves, in a very specific order, giving me the first two Series. 
 More are waiting to create other Series and new messages. 
The first Series began in May of 2015 and now Series 3 &4 have come through for 2016. 
 Each Series offers 12 sessions and all are recorded.

Series #5  (Recorded)

Messages from The Enlightened Ones
Series #5

Messages from The Enlightened Ones is a live channeled series, with the newest information, processes and vibrations available.

1.  Lord Melchizedek
2.  Lady Sa ma Tru
3.  The Timmers
4.  El Tara
5.  The Essene
6.   Moo Rah
7.   Lady Laticia
8.   Helios and Vesta
9.   Archangel Sandalphon
10. First Light
11. The Consciousness of Divine Feminine
12. Lady Venus Lovestar

1. Opening to Oneness
2. Aligning with your Higher Purpose
3. Advancing the Self
4. Codes of Creation
5. Christ Consciousness Today
6. The Crystals of Atlantis
7. The Power of Silence
8. Let Their be Light!
9. Angels Among You
10. This session is not to be sold until a later day that I am notified of.
11. Return to Power
12. The Alchemy of Love

Series #4(Recorded) 

  1. Great Divine Director of the Karmic Board
  2. The Alchemy Collective Consciousness
  3. The Venusian Rainbow Sparkles
  4. The Great Lion, Keeper of Akasha 
  5. The Digital Pulse Beings
  6. Lady Hope
  7. The Ogres 
  8. Lord Maitreya
  9. Master Hillarion
  10. The Great I AM
  11. The Rainbow Ray Collective
  12. Mother Gaia
  1. The Balancing of Karma
  2. A Planet in Transition
  3. Exploding in Love 
  4. The Key to Yourself 
  5. From Our Time and Space 
  6. The Power of Surrender
  7. Accessing Wisdom
  8.  Living a Life you Love 
  9. Coming out of the Fog
  10. The Higher Self
  11. Layers and Layers of Love
  12. The New Earth

Series #3  (Recorded)

  1. Arcturian High Council 
  2. Lady Nada 
  3. Collective of the Blue Ray 
  4. Lord Maitreya 
  5. Merlin 
  6. St. Germain 
  7. Lady Oceania 
  8. The Elohim 
  9. Lady Isobella of the Fairies 
  10. Seth 
  11. Mary Magdalene 
  12. Lenduce, Star Dolphin
  1. A Journey to the Heart of All That Is 
  2. Living in the Light of Love 
  3. Utilizing the Power of Blue 
  4. Expansion of Conscoiusness 
  5. The Power of Magic 
  6. Next levels of the Violet Flame 
  7. Opening your Heart: Why, When & How
  8.  The Power of Creation 
  9. Fairy Guides for the New Earth 
  10. Your Life, from a Higher Perspective 
  11. The Love of Family 
  12. The Power of Joy

Series #2  Recorded 


Quan Yin
Lord Sananda (Christ)
Lady Isis
Lord Buddha
Lady Venus Lovestar
The Keepers of Time
The Divine Fathers
Doctor Lorphan
Dragon Koo Tah
Lord Melchizedek
Lord & Lady of Sirius
Collective of the White Ray

Finding the Peace Within
The next coming of Christ
Owning your Femininity
The Path within the Soul
So much Love, so little Time!
Shifting Time
The Balancing of Masculinity
Joining the Galactic Healing Teams
The Return of the Dragons
Finding your Piece
Mentors from Afar
Purity of Heart

Series #1  Recorded

Presenter                                     Topic

Lord Maitreya                               The energetics of kindness                               
Mother Gaia                                  Reconnecting within the new energies
Poseidon                                        Invitation to carry the sacred codes of water
Serapis Bey                                    The human misunderstanding of twin flames
Archangel Raphael                         The process of healing
Aktau, Star Whale                          Experience the collective energies of whales!
The Divine Mothers                      Changing your persepctive on Motherhood
Sisterhood of the Rays &Roses       Working more closely with the rays
Master Kuthumi                             Learning to recevie love
The Gemini Twins                        Separation and duality
Lord Lanto                                     Releasing self criticism
The Ashtar Command                   The current state of affairs
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